Following three enlightening scholastic years as a student I qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1988. In what appeared to be the blink of an eye, 1995 to be precise, I commenced my first senior intravenous (IV) nurse role. In 2001, six years following the start of my IV career I was appointed as the first IV Nurse Consultant in the United Kingdom (UK).

Working in a 550 bedded district general hospital in the UK, I split my time between clinical, educational, research and leadership activities. It is fair to say that the vast majority of my time is occupied with clinical work. My interests are demonstrated in all aspects of IV therapy and care, with a particular focus on ultrasound guided vascular access, staff education, policy integration, innovation review and preventing premature device failure. However, I am happy to admit that apart from direct patient care the most enjoyable part of my role is using my leadership style to ensure IV therapy knowledge and skills are more accessible and understandable to all. Above all, my intention is to positively influence the care individual clinical staff deliver.

Personal, professional achievements include, the introduction of a hospital-wide vascular access team and the development of a peripheral IV site monitoring tool ‘the Visual Infusion Phlebitis (VIP) score’. The tool is suggested as a useful IV site checking tool by the Department of Health in the UK and the Visual Infusion Phlebitis Score has recently been recommended in the 2011 update of the Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice and Health Protection Scotland.

I hold the post of Honorary Visiting Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. I also enjoy speaking at conferences. Apart from various local speaking engagements, international speaking activities have included Rome, Dublin, Amsterdam. In addition I have completed three separate lecture tours of Australia, examined community IV services during a travel scholarship to New Zealand and presented at the IV leadership summit 2011 in St Paul Minnesota.

I also operate an IV news website at www.ivteam.com and I am currently undertaking my doctoral studies.

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