Behind the scenes at IVTEAM

July 24, 2012 0

IVTEAM has established itself as a core global resource for infusion and vascular access practitioners. Each day, approximately 700 unique visitors view 5000 pages of easy to access relevant intravenous news and updates. IVTEAM offers its visitors a premier service that has no financial or subscriber based restrictions. The editorial stance of IVTEAM is to ensure no editorial restrictions exist; content remains unbiased and independent*.

Working on IVTEAM is a privilege and a way of life. When I first began to develop the early concept of IVTEAM  in 1997 the internet was still in its infancy and website development and updates was a complicated undertaking. Today, we have web solutions that ensure web sites are straightforward to develop and more importantly easy to update. As an IV news website it is crucial that IVTEAM stays up-to-date and offers visitors regular, current updates.

Each day news feeds are analysed, websites searched and various additional sources of information visited. This results in large amounts of data being sifted through for relevant information every day. Only a small amount of data is relevant to IV practice and makes it onto IVTEAM. Once updated the process begins again.

Keeping IVTEAM current is hard work. However, some elements are automated. In particular, IVTEAM updates that are made available through email, RSS, Twitter and Facebook are automatically generated once placed on IVTEAM. This ensures that users of IVTEAM can find a ‘follow’ solution that suits their needs.

Most importantly, IVTEAM continues to inform and update practitioners across the world. The IVTEAM family has grown to include a number of additional free web resources such as ivpolicy, ivconference and ivprotected.

Thank you for your interest in IVTEAM.

*Site sponsorship arrangements are kept separate from the general content.