Health and safety ‘beef’

August 18, 2014 0

On a daily basis I search sources for information that may be of use to IVTEAM visitors. One news feed that regularly updates in my NewsBar is the news feed from the HSE. If I’m lucky, an item of interest will appear. When an item does appear it is often related to sharps injury prevention and legislation. Today was different. Today, health and safety proved it had a sense of humour!

The item relates to a burger van refusing (on the grounds of health and safety) to cut a burger in half! Which in itself has a degree on ironic humour attached. However, the humour is provided by the HSE themselves when they respond to the complaint:

“This is not a health and safety matter; there is no legislation which would prevent the stall from meeting the customer’s reasonable request to have their burger cut in half. Health and safety law does not prevent catering staff from using knives, in fact you expect them to know how use them safely. The panel have a real beef with this kind of unhelpful response to customers which completely misuses “health and safety”.”

Click here for the original response from HSE.