IVTEAM upgrade

November 16, 2014 0

Recently we have updated the IVTEAM website. Not that you may have noticed. We have tried very hard to stay within the format that our visitors have found so appealing over previous years. The changes will not detract from our philosophy of providing visitors with a premier service that has no financial or subscriber based restrictions. In addition, our editorial stance that ensures no editorial restrictions exist remains. The two main changes that you may notice are:

Mobile device responsive.  When you visit IVTEAM on a tablet or smartphone that site will present itself in a way that suits the dimensions of your device. This will make it easier to navigate IVTEAM on your smartphone or tablet.

Rate content. All new content on IVTEAM can now be rated by the visitor. Once you have read an item on IVTEAM you can now help other visitors and choose a star rating for what you have read.

Thank you for your continued interest in IVTEAM. If you find IVTEAM beneficial please remember to promote it amongst your colleagues.

Best wishes Andrew.