Sandwich dressing technique

July 7, 2012 0

What are your expectations of an IV dressing? I’m sure we could all list properties such as sterile, aid site observation, ensure fixation, easy to apply and be robust enough to withstand the rigours of everyday vascular access. What about the issue of removal? It is vital that dressings are easy to remove and definitely do not require the use of sharp instruments near to the vascular access device. Using IV dressings as intended usually poses little problem for the person completing the dressing change. What about when a sandwich technique is used. The sandwich technique involves using two opposing IV dressings to sandwich the vascular access device between the conjoined adhesive of both dressings. This technique will inevitably pose a problem for the clinician when the dressing needs to be changed. Excessive catheter movement, potential dislodgement, contamination and the possibility of damage if a sharp implement is involved are far too great a risk to take when the manufacturers recommended dressing technique has been used successfully time and time again.