Which apps are the most useful to ease a busy professional and academic life?

March 25, 2016 0

If, like me, you have a busy professional and academic life you will be looking for ways to ease the daily burden of constant activity.

My first approach is to acknowledge that I am not alone with a busy schedule and dare I say the burden of procrastination (If this is not you… you have a charmed life). When desperate I often look for a Ted lecture to point me towards the path of wisdom and project completion.

If you have multiple projects and a tendency to procrastination, then this Ted lecture is for you. If you are not burdened I suggest you still watch so that you have an understanding of those around you who are affected.

Secondly, I look to technology to provide a solution. My use of technology tends to look at speeding up or possibly automating processes. These are the apps I find most useful:

DeskConnect: How many times have you been working on one device and you want to send a file, photograph, pdf, presentation etc to another device. DeskConnect works between my iPhone, iPad, Mac and MacBook Air. Easy to setup and it works. The bonus is that is works at lightening speed. Whatever I send appears almost instantly on the other devices. No more emails to myself! Did I mention the app is free!

Dragon Dictation: If you are a fan of dictating your work and you are looking for a way to convert voice to text this app should help. Easy to use. You can convert voice to text within the app. Also within the app you can review and amend the text then send the text to the location of your choice (Copy to clipboard and send via DeskConnect). Did I mention the app is free!

RefMe: A number of referencing software choices exist. And I have tried most of them. RefMe is remarkable. I can search key words, titles, authors, DOI numbers all within the app. I can even scan barcodes directly from the book. The reference then auto populates. It even matches the reference style of your choice. Once you have your completed reference list it is easy to export the bibliography as text file (fully formatted in your referencing style) and add it to your work. Did I mention the app is free!

Hope these recommendations help.