Which sessions will you attend at WoCoVA 2016?

February 16, 2016 0

The #wocova16 preliminary scientific program is available now. At first glance, I would say that this program is the best the WoCoVA congress organisers have ever put together.

On day one my eye is drawn towards various sessions. Evan Alexandrou will present the results of the OMG PIVC Study. Sergio Bertoglio will deliver a session on using an antiseptic lock with taurolidine and/or citrate. In addition, Lieve Goossens will offer a session that examines the issues associated with new and old securement devices (very interested in that). Towards the close of the first day Daniele Biasucci will present a session examining the new frontiers of ultrasound; examining the use of ultrasound for tip location and PNX detection.

Day two, offers an equally diverse and broad set of sessions. Vascular access around the world is considered in the main auditorium. I guess the UK is considered in the European section. Is it possible that Ton Van Boxtel has an insight into the forthcoming UK referendum on wether the UK stays in the European Union or not! The session that I am most interested in on day two is the debate around peripheral IV access in 2016. You may or may not be aware that I have been an avid user of midlines for fifteen years. We use midlines for specific medications and our clinical outcomes demonstrate they are a very reliable vascular access device when used as part of strict criteria led vascular access service. looking forward to the debate already!

The third and final day of WoCoVA 2016 does not disappoint either. You will find various sessions that examine the evidence base associated with vascular access. The session I plan not to miss is the debate on the role of vascular access teams around the world. Having developed, published around, assisted others to develop and continue to manage a vascular access team in the UK I can feel the debate hotting up already.

Finally, is anything missing from the WoCoVA 2016 scientific program. Well, I guess only one thing. I would like to see more case studies offered as an evidence base. They provide a perspective on the actual world of vascular access and infusion therapy that we are all working within. They can demonstrate how, why and when the evidence is not applied or at least illustrate areas of future research.

Flight and hotel are arranged. Say hello at #wocova16